No Fears, No Worries, and No Judgments!ALL who enter here are Shielded in Unconditional Healing LOVE!!!

Welcome ALL in EXCHANGEing Unconditional Healing LOVE!!! LTWE Empowers and Encourages ALL to BE the Master Builders withIN by strengthening their Connection with Source Energy! Join Master Builders of LTWE in EXCHANGEing in Unconditional Healing LOVE in ALL-Ways!!!

ENERGY Services

Personalized Source Energy Healing Sessions with a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Distance and IN-Person services available...

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LTWEnergies Affiliate

Personalized Biz Coaching Products and Services with Master Builder, Kristi Van Pelt, to Empower and Encourage Your Spiritual Connection with Source! Distance and IN-Person options available...

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Receive Certified training in many form of Source Energy Healing! LTWE offers eClass and eWorkshop options in learning to work with Source Energy through Reiki, Crystals, and more...

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02/2015 Oracle Reading

February 2015Oracle Reading Thank You ALL for joining us as we discover what our Spirit Guides have to tell us ALL for the month of February!!! Our Guides led me to pull our Reading from Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards. This is a beautiful deck! Thank You Ms. Choquette for your valuable presence

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LTWE Energy EXCHANGE eNews Letter

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01/09/2015 Wkly Source Energy EXCHANGE

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01/09/2015 Wkly Source EXCHANGE Reading

01/09/2015 Weekly Source EXCHANGE Reading Welcome ALL and Thank You for choosing to absorb the energies of this week’s reading and continuing the transition IN2 this New 8 Year! Thank You ALL for spending your precious time with me and Live The Walk Energies and I encourage and empower you ALL to BE the Master

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Jan 2015 ** Shiny Thing**

LTWEnergies eNews Letter Reveals the **Shiny Thing** for the month of January! Like this:Like Loading…

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